As a novelist and writer, I have done an awful lot of research on a whole lot of subjects, and one thing always gives me inspiration for the majority of my work; and that is human emotions and feelings. If an older person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, doesn’t mean that because they are old treatment should be delayed or not given in the first place! I am not suggesting in any way medical professionals think in that direction because I don’t think they would. But just take a look at their loved ones. Their feelings are eventually going to take them to the edge of a very large deep hole, and would want treatment for their loved one.  The point is, life is precious to every one of us, and older people are the same as a young person diagnosed with the same illness. A baby in the womb has feelings at a very early stage of its pre birth; A baby about to be aborted senses that something is about to happen and feels fear, that is shown by the reaction it has to avoid the instrument in its removal from the womb…Horrible and sad. But feelings play a tremendous part in our lives. Animals feel fear too, just the same as humans do. But what makes us human is the  ability to care and feel for other’s who are in pain or suffering in some way or other. People who do not feel anything in my eyes, and could care less for others are not humans.Amazon.co./author/lindagaine

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