The Yowling And The Reason Behind It

I have never heard such true words. Give me a dog anytime than a human. Dog’s will stay true to the end, They are so cool about everything, they don’t care what they look like..Ohh how I love them.

Angelin Veronica

Hey Guys! So, how many of you have pets at home, especially dogs and cats? We all know that our buddies don’t like to be left behind… at all. Even if we try to, they will just curl up with those saddened eyes, enough to melt even a stone-hearted man. And, in the case of hyperactive dogs, excessive jumping around, and tearing up your clothes to show anger, or in other words, aggressiveness.

So are we. Even we don’t like to be left alone, right? Dogs are even more friendlier, compared to cats. They do not have this hostility about them. So, it’s much easier to be around them. Dogs also approach people, who are mostly sad and, in dire need of attention. Their trait is such. They developed this, only because of the seemingly lasting bond between dogs and humans ever since earth gave life to human beings and…

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1 thought on “The Yowling And The Reason Behind It”

  1. e, dogs are the best friend ever, they love you uncondittionaly, I had my little man for fifteen years, cared for him through type one diabetes, gave him insulin injections twice a day, looked after his diet and he was so good, he knew when he had to have his injections he would come to me and hold his little head still while I injected him in his neck, he was wonderful and my heart aches every day for him I will never ever forget Gizzy wiz, he was my best friend.

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