The cat.

Despite what people say about cat’s they are wrong. Cat’s have feelings and can also show great love. They are unique in their way’s and very funny. I lost one of my Persians in February this year and it broke my heart. He was so full of character and he actually communicated with us, he would tell me either with his beautiful eyes what he wanted, or tap me on the arm or face to tell me there was something he wanted, he was such a lovely cat. I would never find another cat with character like Gussy. He was only twelve and died with renal failure (PKD) and he went down so quick it was terrible, we managed to say goodbye and hold him in our arms to comfort him, he even managed a tiny meow, we knew he was saying goodbye. So I know how people feel when they lose a pet. God bless you my little man. Now we have Muffin and he grieved terribly for his brother, pacing, calling I even saw tears in his eyes, thank god he has settled down now and back to his calm little self. He also brings me so much comfort, I dread that time when he will leave us my world will be so empty.

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