At the moment I am going through the worst time, I wake up crying in the morning, and this goes on most of the day. The reason behind this is bereavement. I lost my Brother in August last year suddenly and without warning, he was well one minute then critically ill with rapid cancer, it all happened  so quick. Then I lost my beautiful Persian Gussy to kidney disease in Feb this year, and now to my horror Muffin my last remaining Persian had two heart attacks! The vet said it was due to the loss of his brother and hot weather. Now I need to fight this with going back to writing and keep my mind busy, as I had said earlier, it is not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak but it helps to do something you enjoy rather than sitting around moping. Any kind of therapy is great for depression, so I hope other people will read this and maybe it may help them to climb out of that horrible dark hole.

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