writing for therapy.

What is the way to stop stress? Some people drink(not good) some take deep breaths, sit in an armchair and try to forget by meditation. (That’s good). But if only you could sit at a table, pour a glass of wine, then write down all your problems and worries in your life, and review them one by one tick them off, and deal with them one by one, maybe it helps to unravel a problem mind. I find writing is a great stress-buster. You can take yourself into the world of imagination and all else seems relatively minor. Of course it depends on what kind of stress you are going through! Because there are some things in life that cannot be fixed that easy, I know it happened to me! But writing is very creative, and when writing novels and researching what you are writing about well, then I find it creates ambition you want to finish what you are writing about for a conclusion to your story and when it is wright you can sit back and feel as if you have achieved something.

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